May 2 2010

Activate HTC G1 on wi-fi without a data plan SIM card

I remember somewhere in my head the CyanogenMod ROM having the option to choose a wireless network instead of an APN when you do a clean install and find yourself on the “Touch the android to begin” screen to start activating your phone, but lately I haven’t found that option anymore.

I’ve read many ways to try to do it through wi-fi, but the one that I find easiest and that has always worked for me is to connect the phone to my computer as it is on that screen, open the terminal on my computer, and then do:

adb shell
am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

This opens the Settings screen on the phone and then you can connect to a wireless network from there.

Mar 30 2010

Can’t find Google Maps on the Market?

I have an HTC G1 and I’ve been playing around with CyanogenMod on it for a while. Every time a new Google Maps came out, it would not show up on the Market at all; I would always have to download the .apk from somewhere.

I could never really find a reason why on any forums and few people seemed to have a similar problem. It turns out, it’s because I have a Mexican SIM card in my phone and I guess Google Maps is kind of a US-only app? In any case, I downloaded MarketEnabler, installed the .apk on my phone, and set up T-Mobile as my carrier to fake (click-and-hold):


Click and hold US T-Mobile

When opening the Market after that, Google Maps (along with a bunch of other US apps I didn’t know about) showed up as it should.

Google Maps on the Market

Google Maps shows up

Note: As far as I’ve seen, when you reboot the phone, the Market goes back to recognizing the SIM carrier so you have to repeat the MarketEnabler process.