Can’t find Google Maps on the Market?

I have an HTC G1 and I’ve been playing around with CyanogenMod on it for a while. Every time a new Google Maps came out, it would not show up on the Market at all; I would always have to download the .apk from somewhere.

I could never really find a reason why on any forums and few people seemed to have a similar problem. It turns out, it’s because I have a Mexican SIM card in my phone and I guess Google Maps is kind of a US-only app? In any case, I downloaded MarketEnabler, installed the .apk on my phone, and set up T-Mobile as my carrier to fake (click-and-hold):


Click and hold US T-Mobile

When opening the Market after that, Google Maps (along with a bunch of other US apps I didn’t know about) showed up as it should.

Google Maps on the Market

Google Maps shows up

Note: As far as I’ve seen, when you reboot the phone, the Market goes back to recognizing the SIM carrier so you have to repeat the MarketEnabler process.

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